Polly and Lucy’s TV ad and song

The “German Shepherd Olsen Twins” Glenraco Mona Lisa (Lucy – who does the barking and is based at the Eastern Branch) and Glenraco Golly Gosh (Polly – who does the drive by bits and is owned by Dearne Jackson at Malvern) appeared in a TV ad. You can watch the ad and listen to the full song here. (Note: for obvious safety reasons the puppies were harnessed and clipped to a seat belt at all times)

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Watch the ad in full here:

Ah oh, here comes that police dog the German Shepherd. l knew l shouldn’t have taken those sausages
from the butcher shop, l’ll be back as soon as he leaves…….

There’s a brave and faithful dog that always likes to work
Woof woof
He’s the German Shepherd and there is no job he’ll shirk
Woof woof
He helps the army and the coast guard both in times of war
Fighting on the battlefield and guarding on the shore

He’ll guard your children with his life he’ll call you if they cry
Woof woof
Policemen always use him when they need a private eye

Woof woof
He’ll sniff the ground and look around until he finds a clue
There is nothing that the German Shepherd cannot do

So if you need a watchdog there’s no better dog to try
Woof woof
If you cannot see then he will be your seeing eye
Woof woof
And even out in Hollywood he stars in pictures too
There is nothing that the German Shepherd cannot do !

Woof woof woof !!!!