Return to Training Protocols

Malvern can return to limited class training

Adhering to the group numbers and guidelines/protocols is very important to maintain our permission to train. Please listen to instructions provided on the day as to where to go to your group etc.

If you have not attending training before, please email us with your details so we can fast track your paperwork for Sunday

Training Rules
Groups of 10 people (handler & dog teams) +instructor. 6 groups
Groups will be well spaced out around the oval with at least 20m between each group.
All members within each group and instructor to remain 1.5m apart from each other.

For classes 3, 4 and Social, we hope you can return very soon. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience and understanding.

Social Distancing and Hygiene Protocols
Please ensure you are aware of what is in place when you attend training for both your health and safety and the safety of committee and instructors
To minimise the risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19, members must adhere to the following:
• Do not attend if you are unwell and experiencing symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue or shortness of breath.
• Any member who is unwell should see a doctor in accordance with local Public Health Authority guidelines.
• Consider vulnerable members as they may be at increased risk.
Arrival on Training Day
• MASKS MUST be worn
• Alcohol based hand sanitiser station will be available for all
• Members are asked to keep minimum 1.5 m distance from desk and other people at all times
• Tap & Go payments preferred for all payments.
• Correct cash for training ($3) will be accepted that can be placed directly in a secure ‘bucket’ for collection
• After sign in you will be directed to space out around the oval prior to class
• Access only to toilets. Sanitiser available
• No canteen facility, no food or drink.
• No general access to pavilion
Obedience Class Training on Oval
• Groups of 10 (handler & dog teams) + instructor, well spaced out
• Limited agility equipment for dogs will be put out for use, and only include equipment that handlers do not need to touch.
Family Spectators
Will be required to scan a QR code for attendance record for tracing purposes (only if required)
Please remain 1.5m apart at all times around pavilion and on step seats. Family groups may sit together (as per government rules).
Social Gatherings after training
Members are asked not to stay around and socialise for any lengthy period of time after classes end.