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Members in Action

Getting involved in external events

At Malvern we are lucky to have a very dedicated group of people who often attend public events to promote our breed (and our club).

Our volunteers take their dogs to show off and allow the public to interact with them. Often there will be an exhibition ring and our demo team gets to strut their stuff with their dogs. We show the public that we train our dogs with positive, reward based, motivational training that is fun for the handler and the dog.

It is a great publicity for our German Shepherd Dogs and a fantastic opportunity to promote responsible dog ownership.

Dearne Jackson is usually the co-ordinator for such events so if you would like to get involved or help out (with or without your dog) just have a chat to her. All helpers are most welcome and we promise it is a lot of fun for you and your GSD!

Click on the links on the left to read about some of the events that we have been involved in.


Looking after our own

Not everyone is blessed with the perfect dog and not every dog is lucky to have a good owner. 

For some dogs their fate lies in the hands of the pound, hoping to be picked up by a sympathetic new owner. At the Malvern branch, we have a few rescued dogs.

Training these dogs (and handlers!) take extra work, effort and time. We only see them at training on Sundays but have you given a thought about what goes on during the week?

We salute these owners, and thank them for looking after our breed. We asked the owners to share their stories and we have published them. View their stories on the left.  

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